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A Tier One Investment Bank

Business challenge:

After a 23 month waterfall development phase, a regulatory sanction remediation program output is deemed to be entirely unfit for purpose and is scrapped.


Services provided/outcomes:

Intervention 1 (9 months)

emagine deployed a five man BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) team to culturally transform the client’s business development approach. The team employed the ‘teach-a-man-to-fish’ approach which mentored, coached and worked alongside the existing team, in order to introduce agility as a counter-measure to the problem of non-delivery.

The team ran a series of coaching workshops and introduced an experimental (scientific) approach in order to determine the best solution to the business’s highest value priorities. emagine utilised the Behaviour Driven Developments gherkin/cucumber approach – this approach consisted of a documentation method, whereby user stories, technical documentation and acceptance criteria were all included in one single document. This afforded software, which focused on business values, was continuously validated and monitored, with quality testing throughout the automated testing system. This identified and ensured that specific acceptance criteria had been met.




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