ISO 27001: Embracing the highest standards of data and information security

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We are proud to claim that emagine's local organisations in France, Germany and the UK are ISO 27001 certified. The certificate covers all our activities: Consulting, IT Services & Engineering.

Our ISO 27001 certificate delivered by AFNOR proves that our Information Security Management System is managed in a structured manner to meet ISO 27001 standard requirements. This allows us to implement and work along the highest standards of information security.

The benefits

The certification process allowed us to build a security management system which is both powerful and comprehensive.

  • Every employee, every aspect of our business is included.
  • We deal with every information security issue, from risk assessment to network monitoring, access management or security awareness.

We have vastly improved our maturity and control on security issues:

  • The ISO 27001 norm helps us formalize security objectives, indicators and controls.
  • As part of maintaining the certification, we are benefitting from annual security audits.

We have built a security system matching our clients' and consultants' needs:

  • We have integrated our supplier audit activities and overall security guarantees into the security management system.
  • Our action plan includes the expansion of our security awareness programme aimed at consultants working with us.

With ISO 27001 and its annual audits we have set ourselves clear goals in terms of information security and data quality.

We continue to be committed to highest information security standards – and are ready to be measured against these in the future.

Learn more about ISO 27001.


Samia Limam

Samia Limam
Security & Compliance Manager
T +33 1 81 93 88 02




Kai Hessing

Kai Hessing
Group IT & Security Director
T +49 69 2474191-0




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