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Testing Services – a world where agile and bespoke solutions are key to success

For a number of years, emagine has delivered bespoke Onshore Testing Solutions with the ability to transition offshore, improving ROI for our Clients and ensuring a reliable programme is implemented to support continuity. This could only be possible with one key factor, ownership.



According to the Oxford Dictionary the word ownership defines as:

“The act, state, or right of possessing something.”


Ownership is not something often heard in the business world today. Businesses pride themselves on providing the newest technology and services to their customers, however when things tend to go array or malfunction at an inopportune time, they cast the blame on third party providers.

Jared Narlock, Forbes Human Resources Council, wrote an article on just how doing the opposite and taking absolute and complete ownership of your services could transform you into a leader.

Step 1, accountability. The word speaks for itself. In order to be a leader, you need to be accountable, not just for your actions but of those around you. He states:


1. Define Accountability

Ownership is a driving force of accountability. We must understand accountability at its core in order to become stronger owners. Accountability is the belief that we have control over most situations and outcomes in our everyday lives, regardless of the situation or how fair it seems.”

Jared Narlock, Vice President of Talent Development at Regional Health

Source: Forbes Human Resources Council,www.forbes.com


Keeping an oversight


Many businesses claim to deliver bespoke solutions for their clients, when indeed the same type of service programme is distributed to each and every one. An automatic process is purchased and run without a minute’s thought. Why aren’t we asking, but just hoping: Will this actually work for me?

Every problem and company is unique. So is it even possible that one process could fit all? If so, we’d all be out of a job.

 If a company claimed they already have a solution to my problem before gaining any insight or possessing an overview of the details, I would be dubious. It’s simply not possible. Even with evidence shown that it has worked for many other companies. Don’t be fooled easily, you are not just another customer.

When we deliver and promise a bespoke solution to our clients in the financial industry, we integrate and merge our services with theirs as much as possible in order to gain perspective and possess an oversight of their challenges.

I can boast that our solutions can accompany any programme from set-up and design to execution, for single or multi-vendor environments. Before I continue, I feel the need to pin point, it’s not automatic

and we pride ourselves on that. We are technologically up-to-date, and we do use automation and AI tools. Automatic processes are just that, they’re tools that cannot go unaccompanied without experts.

Yet, not delivering an automatic solution to a problem, often raises alarm bells with potential customers. What are those alarm bells saying? Tick tock, tick tock. 

A deep process of integration, means the requirement of a physical presence onsite enable to inhibit agile methods to a project with unknown inputs and or outputs. And yes, this will take time.



Can becoming Agile also mean being on time?


Without giving a long winded story of how we got here, the answer is yes.

Timing, affects so many factors in a business as we well know. One of which is budget.

We made a case study with an example of when our services had been requested, this was quite far into an existing project. By the time our team was onsite and ready to assess the situation, the programme was far over budget, and had missed substantial deadlines. We knew that this would be a challenge, long before we could deeply integrate and deliver any solutions.

Our Client was very concerned about raking up any further costs or missing any more deadlines. In order for our team to get started, we first had to appease the mind with our domain expertise. It wasn’t our first time seeing this type of challenge, and our specialists outlined a Lifecycle Quality Management ensuring our Clients with a risk- reducing delivery model.

Hence we became our Client’s single point of contact. Driving ownership and accountability for a programme, whilst ensuring current test teams are up-skilled and form a part of the testing execution.

So to put it shortly, enable to meet deadlines and keep your projects on time, you need experts. If you are planning to skim on quality enable to meet your ideal budget, your timescales will double and you’ll end up far over budget with the deadline nowhere in sight.

Fortunately if experts are what you are seeking, that’s what we do best.

digging a hole

Ensuring Success


Principle 1:  When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Take a long, hard, objective look at everything you're doing. If it doesn't add value or maximize efficiency, stop doing it. If your customers don't care about it, stop doing it. Rethink every process. When you hear the words, "But we've always done it this way," ignore them. Change is hard, and it does upset numerous apple carts.”


Robert J. Maricich is the president and CEO of Hickory

Source: Entrepreneur, www.entrepreneur.com


Robert wrote an enriching article on how to ensure success. The first point of call when you realise you are in a hole, is to stop digging; so stop digging!

Easier said than done right? One mistake does not destroy an entire project, continuous mistakes will. When times get rough it’s hard to keep a clear view of your processes, lines are blurred and a whole lot of grey areas have appeared. What was once a linear strategy plan is now indistinguishable. Success? HA!

This is when a third party with an automatic solution will contact you in your great time of need. We’ve been through this, even now try to remember it’s not possible. Don’t be tempted, what you need to do is regroup and find a trusted service, if you believe you need assistance.

Not just a trusted service, but a service that is willing to go as far as to build a symbiotic relationship with you in order to profit. Meaning that your loss is their loss and your success is their success.

That’s the type of innovation and support we all need.

Also choose a service that gives you enough space to be flexible and grow; because another important factor of success, is globalisation.

Go Global


Situations can differ, but as a rule, when rolling out a new programme in a larger organisation, you need to ensure that the process is available to all of your established locations from the beginning.

There’s nothing worse than attempting the safe approach, and then later learn you have to apply the same method that worked so successfully in one location to another. Because at this point in time, you didn’t consider separate legalities or certain gaps in compliance regulations.

Managing a programme on a global scale is a risk, but, if done properly the offshore cost reductions and a global presence are extremely beneficial.

Our service offers the opportunity for our Clients to embrace globalisation with our Testing solution’s on-to-offshore model. Through extensive reach, capability and on-to-offshore management functionality, we encourage adaptation of strong governance, clear communication and reporting whilst ensuring teams deliver to the planned project timescales.

"The basics of steering your brand are the same whether you’re global or local: making sure that you’re relevant; making sure that you’re understood; making sure that you’re consistent -- all the things that you should do. The basics are pretty much the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy."

Tim Mahoney, global CMO of Chevrolet

Source: www.campaignlive.co.uk

As an organisation that truly believes in delivering only the best practices for our Clients, and providing extensive support for our consultants, we succeed. I enjoy any opportunity to provide insight into our solutions and services that we offer here at emagine. If you would like to find out more about our services visit our website under www.emagine.co.uk/solutions.


Below is my list of article sources, so you can read more about taking ownership, ensuring success, going global and what is means to be Agile:

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Athena Brown

Athena Brown
Head of UK Marketing




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