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Become an emagineer

[e|ma|gin|eer] (Proper noun)


A multi-talented, ambitious and business focused individual who is eager to develop, grow and unlock their career potential.

emagine embodies a unique entrepreneurial spirit, within our multi-disciplinary teams. As a company, we are an excellent solutions & service provider that strives to make a difference. We help our clients grow and solve their problems by attracting personalities that reflect our key cultures and values. emagine works within an exciting and dynamic business field, which results in our constant growth and overall success.

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A journey of a special kind

Becoming an emagineer is more than going to work on a daily basis, it is about joining a workforce which is multi-cultural, agile and takes initiative.

As a newcomer, emagine allows you to take center-stage in your career by providing you with a number of diverse opportunities to take on responsibility, as well as the freedom to establish and develop your skills and competencies. You will join an environment which will feed your appetite for success and result in you achieving both your, and emagine’s goals and objectives.

With commitment, confidence and determination, your journey at emagine will encompass possibilities which will ensure that you, not only excel in your field, but become an expert!

"Becoming an emagineer means that, as an employee, you will embark on a journey of both individual and corporate successes. At emagine, we strive to provide first-class solutions and experts to our clients – this is done by encouraging our ambitious teams to harness their desire to learn, develop, and excel in projects. In a nutshell, emagine provides its employees with the keys to boost their employability and the concrete to build themselves a solid career. Join the club!"

Jean-François Bodin (emagine Group CEO)

More than just a job

For us, a healthy team spirit , as well as enjoyment outside of the working routine are essential. Once a year, we gather in a unique European location for our exclusive kick-off event. In previous years we have visited Rome, Strasbourg, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin and Barcelona. In 2017, we had a whale of a time in Budapest, Hungary. The whole team spend the weekend together setting the path for the upcoming business year, exploring the city, congratulating our fellow colleagues‘ successes and of course, celebrating in style.


Recently, emagine welcomed Nigel Drummond onto the UK Team. He has joined us as a Partner and Head of Analytics, Stress and Capital Practice in the UK

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emagine kick-off event 2017 in Budapest

Building value, creating culture


We are attentive, we listen and learn from each other


We are committed to delivering results


We dare to explore new realms of possibility


We trust each other and work as a reliable team


We think outside the box, with expertise and imagination

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32 years

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6.5 years

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