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From ground-breaking R&D to world-class enterprise innovation, our development teams create some of the most exciting breakthroughs and applications for financial services, defense, intelligence and telecommunication organisations


FinTech Application Development

The explosion of FinTechs has opened up new opportunities for established banks to leverage the unprecedented wave of innovation, by partnering with FinTechs to accelerate their technology strategies in both existing and new areas.

Companies have recognised that designing innovative and unique technological applications is a key differentiator which ensures that they retain and gain market share. Consumers continue to demand user friendly, diverse and inventive applications to simplify their lives which has led to a competitive market place, in which you must strive to get your application to reach world-class status.

We are focused on accelerating the innovation process for our clients by applying brilliant minds and world- class developers to drive industry-changing innovation on every project.


Benefits of emagine Nearshore Application Development

Our onshore and nearshore development teams are experts at solving complex business problems. We design and craft solutions that can help with many of the challenges facing today’s organisations - such as accelerating competitive advantage and delivering high quality and cost effective solutions. With our nearshore centers based in Armenia and Ukraine and thanks to the trade agreements already in place these are ideally situated during the current times of Brexit uncertainty.

"emagine accelerate the innovation process by providing world-class developers to drive industry changing innovation on every project."

Our development model provides



Application development



Mobile solutions







Through cutting edge software technology and the best in class encryption standards, our solution enables targeted, secure search capabilities for encrypted databases on the fly. Each individual has access only to permitted data so that your entire database is safe, even when interrogating encrypted environments.



This solution can be used to allow users all over the world with an organisation to search, interrogate and report on data, regardless of location in a safe and secure manor accessing only the permitted data.

For more information, download emagine’s Application Development or emagine's Testing Assurance factsheet.

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