Behaviour Driven Development

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Designed to optimise business projects and processes with agile, automated practices

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a key agile development practice that can be highly beneficial for more traditional projects.

Key benefits of Behaviour Driven Development include:



Furthermore, from a BDD Audit perspective, emagine are able to review your team's current development process and help determine how BDD could work for your business. This includes, advice on how to best write automated acceptance tests for your application, as well as recommendations on how to introduce this practice into your organization.


"emagine specialise in assisting developers within an organisation to write more effective web tests to allow them to remain optimal."

emagine’s core focus is to teach teams the finer points of the BDD practice, including automated web testing and automated acceptance criteria. Training takes place with a tailored-made, on-site workshop, designed specifically for individual businesses. There are also public training courses available for clients’ to attend.

We assist teams in applying automated acceptance testing efficiently and with minimum effort. We specialize in assisting developers’, within an organisation, to write effective web tests, as well as review a companies automated tests – in order to ensure that they are written optimally.
emagine provide first-class consultants to develop innovative Test Automation Services that not only writes the tests on behalf of a company’s internal developers, but also automates the manual regression tests, which are conducted during the integration and acceptance stages of a website launch. These are written in Java script, with standard open source tools, which ensures that a company’s internal developers can take-over and resume the development and maintenance of the automated tests.

For more information, download our Behaviour Driven Development factsheet.

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