MiFID II - Clock Syncronisation - RTS 25

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Time-as-a-Service is cost effective, simple to implement and requires no infrastructure changes

emagine’s Time Suite distributes synchronised time which enables end-to-end timestamping for trade flows. The emagine solution combines the hyper-accuracy of atomic grandmaster clocks, combined with leading edge, custom built software that is simple to deploy. This solution automatically corrects for latency, right through to application level.

Time Suite is available as an extension to any existing installed solution, allowing the business to realize the benefits that the additional functionality can provide, including the full MiFID II monitoring and reporting.

The solution has built-in redundancy features, is co-locatable with minimal power and space requirements and does not require upgrades to existing infrastructure, networks or data code changes.

An emagine Time Suite installation comfortably ensures MiFID II RTS-25 reporting and forensic requirements are met. It is a powerful tool for defining, comparing and utilising your latency profile. It generates data insights that supports marketing to clients, regulatory compliance audits and also, acts as a robust defence against potential corporate disputes.

The solution is as a result of intensive research, testing and benchmarking by physicist Richard Hoptroff. Hoptroff is famous for developing the world’s most accurate atomic timepieces for consumer markets.


Benefits at a glance

Time Suite is the only solution that delivers traceable UTC, all the way down to the application level – providing MiFID II compliant levels for all reportable events and trading activity.


Designed for the finance industry, its business advantages include:



emagine Time Suite:



"Time Suite uses rack mounted, non-invasive technology that works as a grandmaster time source for your entire data centre infrastructure."

Compliance from start to finish

Time Suite monitors, logs and reports timestamping data which ensures full MiFID II clock synchronisation compliance. emagine’s Web platform permits the interrogation of all data in real-time, or historically. This enables analysis for production / support environments which can identify system inefficiencies.

With a range of delivery models, emagine’s capabilities are flexible. We put the needs of your business first. With deployed or hosted solutions, we can ensure compliance, even in scenarios where others may not be able too. For example, in situations where there is no access to GPS antennas or, a reduction of the high overhead of hardware purchases.

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Ian Gough
Clock Synchronisation Lead
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